Welcome in a world where everything is possible

Welcome lonely traveler, welcome. Sit beside me and let me tell you a story, for I am the renowned “Storyteller”.

This is the world of Rhothosia. A very peculiar world because, you see, gods are not all powerful. Yes, they might have ascended beyond what a normal, mortal, person could be… but they did so because a single mortal person believed they had such power… Yes… This is a world where deities are as easy to create as they are to destroy. There are of course some exceptions to this, but all follow the same rule!

The more followers a deity has, the more powerful it becomes, but take those followers away? Slaughter them by the dozens or simply turn their faith around… and that deity they served will perish. What is the point in said gods if they are so easy to kill, you might ask, and you would be right about it… but then again, I did mention a few exceptions, haven’t I? There are seventeen deities from times of old which have gained enough power to call themselves true Gods, or greater Gods. Since all of them have millions of followers, believers, faithful it would be difficult to cause them any harm… Difficult, but not impossible.

So now you know about what makes this world what it is, but there is more than just the deities… There are countless stories to be told, countless tales to be shared. Allow me to fill you with wonder, lonely traveler, and I can guarantee that this world, and I, will simply… Enchant you!


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